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Mladá kamera is a short film contest of young amateur filmmakers up to 30 years of age which is announced and organized by the Uničov Film and Video Association. Co-organizers are Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Olomouc Region, Uničov Town Cultural Centre, The town of Uničov, and SPŠ a SOU Uničov and Gymnázium Uničov secondary schools.

Come to Uničov

ov in March and let the informal and free-and-easy atmosphere of Mladá kamera overwhelm you. While seeing the works of young amateur filmmakers, you will likely be inspired to further creative growth. Moreover, many authors enjoy attending the post-projection workshop where their films are discussed and criticized by famous filmmakers.


1. Amateur film, authors up to 20 years of age

2. Amateur film, authors up to 30 years of age

3. Non-amateur film, authors up to 30 years of age

4. Animated film, authors up to 30 years of age

Amateur film” means a film that wasn’t directed, screenwritten, shot, edited or lighted by a student/graduate of a film school or college, neither it was produced by other film professionals or film school/college teachers.


1. Mladá kamera Award

2. Audience Award

3. Special Critics’ Awards


A film submitted to Mladá kamera can be shot with a camera or mobile phone. You can choose whichever genre you like. But its length mustn’t exceed 30 minutes.

First of all, fill in the entry form and send the film via file-sharing website to kino@mkzunicov.cz.

Then register the film on filmdat.cz database and submit your film to Mladá kamera 2016 on filmdat.cz.

The author has to pay the participation fee of 200 CZK to the ČSOB bank account 153 407 995/0300. In case of submitting more than one film by one author, the participation fee is paid once only.


SD – MPEG2 resolution 720×576 – max. data stream 9 Mbit/s progressive (max. file size 1GB)

HD – MPEG2 resolution 1920×1080 (1280×720) – max. data stream 25 Mbit/s progressive (max. file size 2GB)

MPEG2 format can be replaced by MP4 format – codec H264.

Maximum length: 30 minutes.

For technical specifications questions ask Zdeněk Vlček via kino@mkzunicov.cz.


Of all the submitted films, films for the contest will be selected in the Pre-Selection Round. If the participation fee is not paid, the film will not be submitted to the Pre-Selection Round.

Each author whose film is selected to the contest, and one of his/her accompanying persons will be provided with free accommodation. If the film is made by collective authors, the free accommodation is provided to two of the authors.

Otherwise the accommodation provided by Mladá kamera is 200 CZK/night.

Contact e-mail: AlesLanger@seznam.cz

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