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Mladá Kamera
International film festival of amateur and student film
16 - 17 March 2018
Czech republic -  Uničov

Application for Mladá kamera 2018

Here you can apply for Mladá Kamera until 19th February 2018

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Mladá kamera is a short film festival focuses on amateur and student films. With 44 years heritage, it belongs to well-known festivals of this type in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the festival is to show & support young and fresh film creativity, create an informal and vibrant place to meet other colleagues and discuss & consult interesting work/study topics.


A film submitted to Mladá kamera can be shot with a camera or mobile phone. You can choose whichever genre you like. But its length mustn’t exceed 30 minutes.


  • Maximal size of movie – 15 GB.
  • Prefered formats MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 – codec H264
  • Maximum length of film: 30 minuts

Do you have a question about sending a movie? Ask us. 😉

Technical questions:
Jiří Navrátil

The term „amateur film“ means a film whose production as a director, screenwriter, cameraman, editor, sound engineer or lighting engineer did not involve a student or a graduate of film school, or any other professional or pedagogic film school.


  • When more than one movie is submitted by the same author, the subscription fee only has to be payed once.
  • The application becomes valid when the payment is done and movie has been sent. In case of non-payment of the participation fee, the film will not be accepted into the pre-selection round of the competition.
  • Accommodation is provided for creators of the film who are accepted into the competition. If the author is made up of a team, accommodation is paid for one of the team members. The rest of the team can also apply for accommodation.
  • The price of accommodation is 200 CZK per person / night.

Every author participating in any category is required to pay the attendance fee.

Payment in CZK:

  • Amount 200 CZK
  • To the account: 153407995 / 0300 (ČSOB)

Payment in EUR:

  • Amount 8 EUR
  • To the account: 2401367371 / 2010
  • IBAN: CZ2320100000002401367371

Competition prices

  1. Main prize of Mladá kamera
  2. Audience prize
  3. Prices within the categories as decided by the jury

Competition categories

I. amateur film, creator under 30 years
II. amateur film, creator under 30 years
III. non-amateur film, creator under 30 years
IV. animated film, creator under 30 years